Foot-Nibblin' Fishes

I was in PA this past weekend, and got some long-overdue quality time with my two moms: Mother K and Mother Nature (and my dad, too!).

The much-needed outdoor time was spent at one of my favorite locales from my childhood, the Seven Tubs...

All Things Passed
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From the Nature Conservancy:
"Known locally as The Tubs or Whirlpool Canyon, this outstanding geological phenomenon features seven large "potholes" or "tubs" gouged out of the hard, gray sandstone of the Pocono Formation by the short (1.2 miles) but powerful Wheelbarrow Run. Many geologists believe that the tubs were formed during the last Ice Age more than 10,000 years ago, when the force and volume of a rock-filled glacial meltwater stream etched the seven, tub-shaped potholes and gorge into the underlying rock."
While swimming in one of the pools (with 2 new canine friends, Jake and Molly!), some surprisingly aggressive fish began nibbling at my toes. They were relentless! I didn't realize at the time that I should have appreciated that I was getting the nibble treatment for free...


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